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Other iR Titles

Maths Pack Series

Maths Pack Series

iR Maths Packs are a collection of innovative, BETT award winning products designed for whole-class teaching on all makes of interactive whiteboards. They contain numerous different resources which enable teachers to explain and develop key mathematical concepts with ease. Each resource is clear, colourful, engaging and truly interactive making them a firm favourite with teachers and pupils alike.

Literacy Resources

Literacy Pack One

  • A comprehensive collection of engaging resources
  • Provides an interactive edge to Literacy lessons
  • Covers many strands from the new Primary Framework
  • Easy to use and clearly presented format
  • Easily differentiated to age and ability
  • Saves time with ready-made texts and examples

Teaching Series

Teaching Series

Indispensable resources for teaching specific curriculum areas. They all contain whole-class activities, games for individual and group work, and dynamic worksheet generators.



Primary Games

Primary Games Series

The Primary Games Series consists of seven volumes of highly engaging and enjoyable mathematical games which allow children to learn while having fun. They can be used for whole class teaching for a truly fun lesson or by individual pupils to encourage self motivation and learning. The format is bright, colourful and easy to use, thereby engaging and holding pupils’ attention easily.

Interactive Resources Apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
Stop the Clock

Stop the Clock, Banana Hunt, Multiple Wipeout, Ghostblasters, Eggs on Legs, Wipeout Walls, Super Tiles and Airport Arithmetic are now available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch!
These classic Primary Games have been completely re-designed and enhanced for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
Search the App Store on your device for 'Primary Games Ltd'. Alternatively, click on the App Store Logo.

Available on the App Store

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